Rush Rush Rally Racing
" of the best multiplayer Dreamcast games ever made." - GamesTM

Game Modes

1st.pngGrand Prix (1 player)

In the Grand Prix mode, you race against computer-controlled cars in 10 levels. In each level you must finish in 3rd place or better in order to qualify for the next one.

Your goal in this mode is first and foremost to advance to the highest level in the shortest time, but that is not all. There are numerous other goals to reach in single player mode, all of which can be viewed in the game's built-in goals table.

There are 4 difficulty settings. Can you beat them all?

Time Attack with ghost
Time Attack with ghost
Time Attack (1 player)

This mode is new to the WiiWare™ release. It is the ideal way to practice a specific track. A so-called "ghost" car shows a replay of your best lap, allowing you to race against yourself and hone your skills to perfection.

Challenge (1 player)

This mode is also new to the WiiWare™ release. Computer-controlled drivers will challenge you to a series of duels following the same rules as the Get Ahead mode explained below.

Get far enough ahead of your opponent to force them off the screen, and score!
Get far enough ahead of your opponent to force them off the screen, and score!

Get Ahead (2 players)

In this mode, both players try to get so far ahead of the other, that the runner-up disappears off the screen. But beware; as you get further ahead, it'll get harder and harder to see where you're going! The first player to get ahead five times wins the match.

4 players in split screen
4 players in split screen
Versus (2-4 players)

In this split-screen mode, you can pit your racing skills against human players (assuming your friends are human). You can race in all the tracks you've unlocked in the Grand Prix mode, plus a number of additional multi-player levels.

Item Mode (2-4 players)

As the name suggests, this mode is like Versus, but with items. Various items are scattered throughout the levels. Some items are very helpful, but others are a pain! So be alert!

Feature List

The WiiWare release of Rush Rush Rally Racing is even more loaded with features than its Dreamcast predecessor. With two new single player modes, redesigned menus and many other improvements, it's better than ever before!

Check out this list of some of the most notable features:
  • Single-player grand prix mode with four difficulty levels
  • New: single-player Time Attack mode
  • New: single-player Challenge mode
  • Three multi-player modes to enjoy with up to four players
  • Five race cars to choose from
  • 10 Grand Prix race tracks
  • 8 additional multi-player race tracks
  • Critically acclaimed soundtrack by Black Device
  • Supports Wii Remote, Classic Controller, GameCube Controller, and third party compatibles
  • Supports Widescreen TVs
  • Configurable controls and many other options
  • Improved graphics compared to Dreamcast version
  • Plus even more unlockable content!

Additional Information

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