Rush Rush Rally Racing
" of the best multiplayer Dreamcast games ever made." - GamesTM

Available for WiiWare™

Rush Rush Rally Racing is waiting for you in the Wii Shop Channel for just 900 Nintendo points (European region only).

To download this game to your Wii™, simply follow these instructions:
  • Start the Wii Shop Channel.
  • Select "Start Shopping", and then select "WiiWare".
  • Use the "Search by Game Title" option to search for "Rush Rush Rally Racing".
  • Buy it for just 900 Nintendo points and wait for it to finish downloading.
  • Have a blast!

Dreamcast™ version sold out!

Sorry, but this version is all sold out. But perhaps you can still find it on eBay?

This deluxe edition comes with a soundtrack CD, various stickers and a full-colour manual in English and Japanese.