Rush Rush Rally Racing
" of the best multiplayer Dreamcast games ever made." - GamesTM


This being a Wii™ game, of course you want to know if you can use your favourite controller, and if the controls are properly implemented. Rest assured, we at Senile Team know how you feel. You spent good money on that GameCube and/or Classic Controller, and you don't want it to lie around collecting dust. Fortunately Rush Rush Rally Racing supports all relevant controllers, and if so desired you can completely reconfigure the controls as you see fit!

Wii Remote

The Wii Remote is held horizontally. The default configuration is as follows:

+Control Pad: Turn left/right, 1: Reverse, 2: Accelerate, 1+2: Brake, A: Item

* You don't have to hold both buttons in order to brake. Shortly pressing the reverse button suffices for normal situations.

Classic Controller / Classic Controller Pro

The default button layout for the Classic Controller (Pro) is as follows:

+Control Pad: Turn left/right, b: Accelerate, a: Item, y: Brake, x: Reverse

GameCube Controller

The default configuration for the GameCube Controller is as follows:

+Control Pad: Turn left/right, A: Accelerate, B: Brake, X: Item, Y: Reverse