"...one of the best multiplayer Dreamcast games ever made." - GamesTM


The following are reviews of Rush Rush Rally Racing, and they may not apply 100% to Rush Rush Rally Reloaded, which offers several improvements over its predecessor.

Dreamcast™ Reviews

beefjack_logo.png "The meat of the game is superb, with races built upon skill and mastering. There’s a huge amount of depth and reward to be found, along with a whole host of unlockables. It’s been a long time since a game like R4 has come about, on any console, that’s just pure fun to play. (…) Dreamcast owners should not think twice about owning this piece of gaming history."
8.8 out of 10 points
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gamestm.png "(…) this is a great little racing game that manages to be both nostalgic and relevant at the same time, and stands as one of the best multiplayer Dreamcast games ever made."
(Issue 92; 2010, page 142) 
retrogamer.png "The real joy of RRRR comes from its fun multiplayer modes. (...) it remains a fast and frantic experience, made all the better due to the varied power-ups and cleverly designed tracks. (...) a superb little racer. Great price as well."
(Retro Gamer magazine, Issue 72; 2010, page 95) 
pixnlove-0001.png "With a good amount of circuits, interesting game play modes and a remarkable gameplay, Rush Rush Rally Racing  establishes itself as one of the best homebrew games on the Dreamcast."
(Pix'nLove, issue 11; 2010, page 14-17) 
classicvgm-0001.png "If you are looking for that "new game" feel, Senile Team has done everything right."
A: Highly Recommended 
segastuff-0001.png "Senile Team have conjured up a masterpiece that is sure to bring you many hours of fun"
8/10 sonics
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dreamcastes-0001.png "If you like racing games, and especially the classic ones, you should not miss this homebrew gem"
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revival.png "With very smooth playability, fast and fluid animation, catchy music and a low price, R4 shows how retrogaming [should be done]"
(ReVival, issue 41; 2010, page 22-24) 
gamescollection-italia-0001.png "...the immediate fun that [Rush Rush Rally Racing] brings makes it a milestone in multiplayer entertainment, carving out a space between the superstars of the racing games of all time."
[External link] (in Italian) 

Video reviews

Benzaie's Hardcorner
Benzaie's Hardcorner
"It's all sorts of awesome"
Darran Jones (Retro Gamer Magazine)

"Nothing but plain-ass fun"
Benzaie's Hardcorner

"The gameplay is almost like a dream"

WiiWare™ Reviews

Nintendo Life's review of Rush Rush Rally Racing for WiiWare
"Senile Team has clearly put a lot of effort into revamping its game for WiiWare, and it pays off. Rush Rush Rally Racing is an addictive, tightly-controlled retro racer that paints its inspirations brightly on its bonnet."
8/10 stars
nintendo-online-de.png "With Rush Rush Rally Racing, Wii Owners with gasoline in their veins get a big fat racing package that will keep them tied to their console for hours, and that leaves the competition in the dust."
Link (in German) 
mag64.png "For fans of the genre and anyone, who would like to become one, there is but one advice: get it, and quick!"
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